Ground penetrating radar New Zealand and Australian services offered by GPR Imaging Solutions includes pavement analysis, bridge deck condition assessment, airport runways, aprons & taxiways, utility mapping, geotechnical and infrared surveys:

Pavements – Roads, Airport Runways and Ports

  • Pavement Layer Depths and Makeup
  • Moisture Ingress Locations – Pavement and Subgrade Levels
  • Detecting Cavities / Voids / Tomos
  • Comparing Pavement Structure e.g. Between Lanes and Shoulders
  • Locating Pavement Joints / Boundaries
  • Detecting Settlement
  • Segregation in Asphalt or Aggregate Layers
  • Asphalt Delamination
  • Asphalt Density
  • Pavement Inventory for Records
  • FWD Integration
  • Pipe Detection

Bridge Deck Condition Assessment

  • Asphalt Overlay Depth – Profiling
  • Degradation / Deterioration of Concrete
  • Reinforcing Steel Corrosion
  • Concrete Cover
  • Infrared Surveys

Geological & Utilities

  • Mapping Geological Features e.g. Basalt Rock Layers
  • Ground Water Table Level
  • Plume Contamination
  • Utilities Mapping

Results / Outputs

  • ASCII Files Compatible with other Software and Databases
  • Excel Spreadsheets
  • Geospatial Mapping
  • Reports
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