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GPR Imaging Solutions is the premier ground penetrating radar company with offices in Melbourne and Tauranga operating Australia and New Zealand wide.

We specialise in pavements and bridge deck condition assessments using ground penetrating radar and infrared cameras. Our clients include government roading agencies, airports, ports, civil contractors, civil engineering consultants and utility companies.

We provide advice and specialist services to government agencies and large companies (see our clients below). If you have a challenging project and need specialist advice, please contact us for a free no obligation quote.

Partly due to our innovative work at Mildura airport, in 2015 GPR Imaging Solutions was successful in securing a 2 year contract to be on a panel for the Australian Government, Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development. This has been extended for a further 1 year.

We have undertaken a number of Australian firsts including introducing high speed GPR to the Australian market, locating moisture in pavements and using GPR for asset management of airport runways. The benefits of our system include:

  • Data can be picked up safely at highway speeds of 110km/h.
  • No traffic control is required.
  • No invasive coring to calibrate
  • Calculates pavement layer depths to a high accuracy
  • Identifies moisture ingress
  • Detects spalling and concrete degradation
  • Locates cavities / tomos / voids
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We use the latest ground radar technology available in the world today

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GPR Imaging Solutions is proud to announce we are a Sponsor and Guest Speaker at the 9th Australian Road Engineering & Maintenance Conference in April 2014!

We are also excited to have added Infrared Thermography to our pavement services for 2015 using qualified Level 2 Thermographers (this is the highest qualification obtainable in Australia)!

We have recently expanded into New Zealand to serve Clients with a new branch opening in Tauranga from April 2015!

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